AGS Initial Operational Capability

By 2/17/2021
NAGSMA team continues to achieve milestones

In 2012, fifteen NATO Nations came together signing the AGS Capability Procurement Contract to begin creating an innovative core capability, instrumental for NATO’s future capability readiness. Since then, all five AGS NATO RQ-4D Phoenix aircraft were designed, developed, tested, and have landed in their permanent Italian home. With the delivery of the aircraft complete, NAGSMA has turned its focus towards delivering a successful handover, having already delivered two aircraft, two Mission Operations Support Operational Elements, two Transportable General Ground Stations (TGGS) and two Mobile General Ground Station (MGGS) to the NATO AGS Force. That would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of NAGSMA and its resilient staff. Despite the many challenges, the NAGSMA team continues to achieve milestones in its mission to provide NATO with this highly complex multinational state-of-the-art technology with NATO’s SACEUR declaring the AGS system an Initial Operational Capability on 1 February 2021, which has officially been announced by the NATO’s Secretary General on the margins of the NATO Defence Ministerial meeting on 17/18 February 2021 ( )

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