Another Mobile General Ground Station (MGGS) Delivered

By MM 2/5/2019
NATO AGS new milestone was achieved on 16th of January 2019 with the delivery of a complete MGGS set at Sigonella (IT) airbase

Another important milestone was achieved on 16th January 2019, in preparation for the arrival of the first AGS UAV to the Main Operating Base (MOB) in Sigonella – Italy. Airbus Company, a major sub-contractor in the NATO AGS Programme delivered one complete set of a Mobile General Ground Station (MGGS) which includes its Mobile Ground Exploitation and Communications Components (MGEC & MGCC) as well as its own SATCOM trailer.

This important and tangible event was the result of an outstanding coordination and preparation of all relevant stakeholders including NAGSMA, NGISSII, Airbus Company, HN ITA and the NAGSF. Thanks to the support of the Italian Air Force, the MGGS convoy coming from Germany stood overnight at the military base Guidonia to keep the classified and COMSEC components of the MGGS secured. Once the convoy reached the MOB, all involved personnel worked hard to make this delivery happen and be successfully closed without any hitch.

Integration and formal acceptance of this MGGS is undergoing and is expected to be closed shortly. Delivery of the remaining MGGS at MOB will occur shortly in accordance with the signed contract. This delivery of MGGS follows the recent delivery (by major sub-contractor Leonardo) of another essential component of the AGS Ground Segment i.e. (TGGS#2) as part of the NATO-owned and operated AGS Core Capability.

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